Corporate People Photography / Montano

10. February 2023

Capturing the essence of a corporate team through photography can be a challenging task, but it’s also a rewarding one. As a people photographer, I believe that the key to creating successful corporate portraits is to make the process as natural and relaxed as possible. This approach not only helps put the subjects at ease, but it also allows me to capture their personalities and individuality in a more authentic way.

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph the team at Montano, a specialist investment firm in commercial real estate. Their mission is to provide their clients with a personalized approach to real estate investment, and I wanted to reflect that in their team portraits. Instead of using a traditional studio setup with bright lights and a plain background, I chose to photograph the team in their work environment. This not only created a more dynamic and interesting background, but it also gave a glimpse into their daily work lives.

The team at Montano was a pleasure to work with. They were all welcoming, friendly and eager to have their photos taken. It was clear that they are a tight-knit group, and their camaraderie was evident in the resulting portraits. The images captured not only their professionalism and expertise, but also their personalities and their passion for their work.

In conclusion, my experience photographing the team at Montano was a great reminder of the importance of capturing the essence of a corporate team through people photography. By taking a more natural approach, I was able to create portraits that not only showcased their professional side, but also their personalities and individuality. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great team, and I am confident that the resulting portraits will be a valuable addition to their yearly report.