Viennese City Wedding

Sophie And manuel

48°24'73.6"N // 16°30'04.1"- VIENNA, Austria

Happy People make beautiful pictures.

It is always a lot of fun, when you can take pictures of friends’ weddings. This time, Sophie and Manuel, an influencer couple from Vienna had their civil wedding on a very very hot summer’s day. And it was not only a historical day in their relationship, but also in their lives, as they moved from their old to a new apartment.

The two got ready in their old apartment, between moving boxes and random stuff standing around, it was gorgeous to still have some calm moments and say good-bye to an old life and hello to a new one.

After the ceremony, they had their small guests group over in their new apartment and later at night at a lovely restaurant. And we really nailed those Vienna city vibe pictures, don’t you think.