The true Family Hotel


47°21'26.0"N / 13°19'37.1" - Grossarl, Austria

Where the whole family is treated in an authentic and generous way.

Nestled in the Großarl valley in Salzburgerland, the MOARGUT is probably the best family hotel in the whole of Austria.
The family founded and run hotel is in it’s third generation and family really is first! The hotel takes care of the needs of all family members. From a full-day crash for babies from 1 month-old on to a minimalist designed spa for the parents. You have to bring a child with you to even be able to book the hotel, which is a good thing – because everyone knows about the ups and downs of taking a holiday with children.

Their newly built spa and suite tower (designed by LP architects)  are a true masterpiece of minimalist design and comfort. The spa is designed around big rocks and the spa tower around wood. The suits feature up to two master bedrooms with a kids room, two baths and a giant living room with couch, fireplace and a wonderful sitting area. The minute you step into the suite, you inhale the wood aroma and are teleported into a real vacation.

I was luck enough to be able to take photos for Moargut. Here they are.