Scandinavian design

6. February 2023

Lars Nysom, a company that believes in minimalism and simplicity in everyday products, recently approached us to update their product imagery. As a brand that creates everything from water bottles to bread boxes, they understand the importance of having a diverse and versatile photo pool to use throughout the year.
To achieve this, we had the great honour of doing a full day production in Vienna. By generating a pool of high-quality photos, Lars Nysom can use them for various marketing campaigns and social media posts, keeping their brand consistent and fresh throughout the year.
Having a photo pool is crucial for any brand that wants to maintain a consistent visual identity and showcase their products in the best light. By working with professional photographers, Lars Nysom was able to capture the essence of their products and convey their brand message effectively.
We are excited to share some of the stunning images captured during the photo shoot. From sleek water bottles to minimalist bread boxes, these products truly shine in the photos, highlighting their unique features and quality.
In conclusion, investing in a photo pool is a smart move for any brand that wants to showcase their products in the best possible way. Lars Nysom understands this, and we were delighted to help them create a pool of photos that they can use throughout the year to promote their brand and products effectively.