I am that new friend WHO captures your most important

moments with a smile on his face.


Your friend, not your photographer.


I wanna make sure you understand that taking pictures is not just a job for me, it is my passion. I truly love joining you on special occasions like your wedding and capturing memories that will last for generations to come. So we better like each other if you hire me. This may sound weird at first, but imagine this scenario: On your wedding day, you open up the hotel room door in your bathrobe, without a good night's sleep and a lot of messages from every guest about the wedding day on your phone. You probably want a friend to be standing on the other side of the door, making sure you feel comfortable and being there every step of the way on your very special day.

How can You book me for your Wedding?

Here are some important things you should know about the process if you want to book me.

Taking pictures is just one part of my job.



Reach out to me in an email with Information about the wedding Date, location, guest count and, most importantly, your story - how you fell in love, your dog's name and a photo of the two of you. (as you know what I look like, i want to know what you look like :-)

02 Meeting each other

As I want to be sure we have great chemistry, we do at least a video call or, even better, a meeting in person. we talk about the wedding, about the two of you, about me. And if you like me and i like you, we have a match and i will be your wedding photographer.

03 Confirming the Booking

After our successful meeting, I will send you a quote and you will approve the quote via email. That's it, you have secured your photographer and I have secured two new friends whose wedding I will take pictures of.

Your wedding is not about the pictures that you will receive. It is about celebrating your love, the memories, feelings and tears you share on your special days. So you better enjoy your wedding to the fullest. And here is where I come in. I will not only make sure to capture all those special moments, but also help you flawlessly experiencing your day. As I have seen so many weddings before, I can anticipate what you need before you know it, give you great tips for a smooth rundown, make sure you have your bouquet when you walk down the aisle and tell your dad how he should hand-over the bride correctly at the altar. I am your little helper with two cameras strapped to me.

Don't sweat the small stuff.


Preparing a wedding can be quite stressful. On your wedding day, you only have to do one thing - celebrate your love and inhale all the joy that is thrown at you. And if you think that something didn't go as it was planned, I am here to remind you, that no one knows what was planned and that everybody will be just super happy with what the two of you have prepared for your guests. So let's get started making memories!

Do you have specifc questions? Reach Out to Me!

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Get in Touch

Frequently asked Questions

Are there certain packages that we can book?

How far do you travel for a wedding.

General Questions

I am available literally world wide! As I am based in Salzburg, in Austria, I can fly out anywhere you want me to go. My destination weddings took me to Morocco, Italy, Germany, Hungary and more.

Every wedding is very unique, so I also create an individual package for every wedding. In general, it is not so much about the hours you want to book me, because I will your photographer for the whole day anyways, so we can figure the perfect package out for you.

Do you do wedding films or snippets as well?

Do you come with a second photographer?

Wedding day Questions

I want to focus on one thing on your wedding, so I will try to take the best pictures you can imagine. If time allows it, I sometime do little videos in between and put it in a short clip, but it is not something that you can book, it is something that I will give to you as a present if I have enough footage. My tip is to book a standalone videographer - it is so worth it.

I prefer to shoot weddings alone, as I think the intimacy of the day is very important and you don't want it to be looking like a movie set production. But in some moments, I come with a second-shooter who is starting in wedding photography, as I want to give newcomers a chance to learn on the job. But then, it is without charge for you.

What happens the photographer gets sick?

How many photos do we get and how?

In the unlikely event that I cannot attend your wedding, I will be in charge of getting a stand-in for your day. I have a wonderful network of great photographers who help out in this case.

Usually you will get 500+ photos of your day on your very own, password protected, wedding photo website where you can mark photos private, download in high-res and send it out to your guests all in one. During high season it will take around 3-4 weeks of post-production and during off-season around 2 weeks.


Civil weddings

All Day Weddings

Starting At:


Starting At:



Smaller, shorter weddings with small group of guests.


Full wedding are very individual as every couple has different needs, I will put together a perfect package for you.

Minimum of 2.5 hours

Minimum of 8 hours

Travel costs inkl. within 50km of


minimum of 100 photos delivered

minimum of 400 photos delivered

Maximum guest count of 100.

own wedding photos website

own wedding photos website

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