Discovering Minimalist Elegance: A Photographic Journey Inside V-ZUG’s New Studio in Vienna

16. November 2023

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the newly opened V-ZUG Studio in Vienna’s first district. As a photographer with a deep appreciation for interior design, I was captivated by the studio’s minimalist elegance.

The studio is a masterpiece of monochromatic beauty, adorned in shades of soothing beige. This minimalist approach not only highlights the sleekness of V-ZUG’s high-quality kitchen appliances but also creates a serene, harmonious space.

Through my camera, I aimed to capture the essence of this minimalist design – its simplicity, elegance, and the way it seamlessly blends with the functional artistry of the appliances.

This experience reaffirmed my love for interior photography, especially when it involves spaces that speak the language of minimalism and elegance.